Centrado are over 25 years company with experiences in transformer manufacturer.

CENTRADO start its production in 1987 and keep advancing the products quality and performance base on goverments standard (SPLN) and international standard (IEC). CENTRADO is a registered brand in Indonesia on behalf of CV. CENTRADO PRIMA and never pass the license or trademark to any parties since published.

With more than 100 workers and technicians, CENTRADO keep produce best transformer with new inovation and good performance without ignoring the reality that cost of parts and productions always increasing year by year.

Can not be denied that price of CENTRADO products continues to increase due to the rising price of parts and the cost of human resources. But it is also a proof that the product is not trying to lose quality by replacing parts with cheaper and lower quality of the product itself.

With motto " We are CENTRADO family", CENTRADO distribution and information will strive to give best services and information about CENTRADO and give best products to all customers.

Vision : Be the first choice for transformers need.

Mision : We are the best manufacturer of power transformer

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