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Distribution Transformer

The transformer constructed with one or more windings core is contain of COPPER or ALUMINUM coil to transfer alternate current using electromagnetic induction from one to another curcuit at same frequency but with different value of voltage and currents. Every Centrado distribution transformer are adjusted to voltage system in Indonesia usage which is 3KV, 6KV, 7KV, 12KV, 20KV and 24KV with several tap changer at 2.5%, 5%, and 10% steps.

Every Centrado distribution transformer will be added following items :

Auto Transformer

Each produced transformer can handle dielectric test to 50Hz or 60Hz and impulse voltage according to IEC standard. Centrado Auto transformer or usually called Step up or Step Down transformer are design and manufactured using copper or aluminum coated with best quality of isolation paper. Each Centrado auto transformer are usually includes :

Special Design Transformer

Centrado are proud to be called best transformer manufacturer in Indonesia because Centrado can produce lot of kind of transformer base on order or base on demand even the type of transformer were not listed in the product line. With at least 95% efficiency load at cosq 1 : 0, Centrado are being trusted by more then hundreds of factories that are using Centrado products. With fast responses and production time, Centrado still can produce good quality transformer. Other products that are not listed in this website are :